What is Jade Rolling and How To Do It

While nearing the end of my wild year, I was looking for ways to attract more positive energy into my life. I was interested in crystals but didn't know where to start and after searching the internet for "crystals for positive energy," I eventually came across Marianna Hewitt's jade rolling video.

I was hooked. A jade roller was exactly what I needed in my life. Not only was it a crystal that protected against negative energy, it had beauty benefits too! 

Have you ever wondered what jade rolling is and how to do it. This post is your friend. I'll briefly go over what it is and how to do it in this short and informative blog post. Jade roller image by Herbivore ( https://www.herbivorebotanicals.com/products/jade-facial-roller ).

What It Is

Jade rolling is an ancient Chinese facial massage practice said to be used on Chinese royalty to retain good spirits. The gemstone is believed to draw our negative energy and balance your chi.

The tool looks like a tiny, double-sided paint roller; The longer side for your neck, chin, cheeks, and forehead and the shorter side for the contours of your eye. 

Aside from it energizing your soul, there are many beauty benefits to jade rolling. 

Why It's Good For You

Aside from its energizing properties, jade rolling is good for someone that suffers from "puffy morning face" (i.e. the bloated face feeling you get when you don't drink enough water, drank too much alcohol, ate too much salt, or sleep on your face).

Remember, the skin is the body's largest organ so it's important to detox it using lymphatic drainage. Doing this, particularly jade rolling, increases your facial blood flow which helps smooth out wrinkles, tone facial muscles, and carve out cheek bones. It will also give you brighter, clearer, and glowing skin. 

How to Jade Roll

*Pro tip: Pop jade roller in freezer overnight. Trust me, it's the best wakeup call. If possible, put it on a small dish or in a small drawer away from food. 

  • Wash your face and apply your toner, serum (this one is my fave), moisturizer, eye cream, and sunscreen.

  • Pick a side to start with. I always start on my right.

  • In order to detox using lymphatic drainage, you'll need to create an opening for the fluid to drain into. Using the larger side of the jade roller, start at the corner of your jaw near your earlobe and roll down toward your collar bone 3-5x.

  • Under the chin: Start where a double chin might show up and roll toward the bottom of your earlobe 3-5x.

  • Chin: Start on chin, under the center of the bottom lip, and roll toward your earlobe 3-5x.

  • Cheek: Start at the corner of your mouth and roll toward your ear 3-5x. Then move to the corner of your nostril and roll toward the bottom of your temple 3-5x.

  • Under the eye: Using the smaller side of the jade roller, start at the inner corner and roll down and out toward your temple 3-5x.

  • Brow bone: Still using the small side, start on the inside of your brow bone and roll toward the temple 3-5x.

  • Third eye: Going back to the larger side of the jade roller, start at your third eye and roll toward the hairline 3-10x.

  • Forehead: Start at the middle of your forehead and roll toward your temple 3-5x.

  • Repeat the whole routine on the left side.

I've been jade rolling for about two months now and while I always shoot to do it in the morning after my skincare routine, sometimes I forget. If you're consistent with it, you'll notice less puffiness and more bright and glowy. I love how my skin looks and feels immediately after jade rolling and the long term benefits, i'm sure, are worth the investment. 

Do you jade roll? How do you use it and what do you like about it? Share in the comments down below. ↓

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