Wellness Check No. One

Hi there Beauty Babes! Welcome to my newest series, Wellness Check. Each month i'll be checking in to share with you my progress. To be honest, i've been going back and forth about posting this here because my health is such a sensitive topic for me. But, something in me is pushing me to share my journey with you so here I am! 

My wellness check-ins will cover the three major topics of wellness: mind, body, and soul. I want this to be a community thing and I want to hear about your wellness journey, too! Please share your story on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments down below. If you'd like to email me your story, that's fine too. Let’s do this wellness thing together, Beauty Babe! 💪🏽


After sharing my 2018 word of the year, i've been trying really hard to keep my mental health 💯. So much so that the perfectionist in me really got me down when I didn't make time to balance my thoughts.

This type of negative thinking is at the top of my long list of things i'd like to tackle in 2018. I think it's important for me to understand that it's okay if I can't or don't do something. I do think that reversing this type of thinking won't be easy but i'm up for the challenge. 


Workouts: January was the month of slowly getting back on track with working out. I went from going to the gym two times a week to five times a week (this week! 🎉). I love strength training but realized that it wasn't helping me lose fat. So I added 15-20 minutes of HIIT cardio before every weight lifting session. Doing cardio by myself bores me and after hearing Grace rave about the Aaptiv app, I just had to try it. 

I love my Apple Watch! I use it to help me keep track of all of my workouts. The newest update has a new menu of workouts including HIIT and Mind & Body for meditation and stretching. Read more about my wellness journey on Beautybyjessika.com. 
I've been trying out Aaptiv to help me keep my cardio interesting. Coach Ray is my favorite! Read more about my wellness journey on Beautybyjessika.com. 

My favorite trainer is Ray. He is so motivating, explains each instruction clearly, and his playlists are good, too. I usually start my workouts with his beginner HIIT elliptical or cycling workouts. 

Also this month I tried a booty building class and this Insanity-like workout. My body hurts, but my love handles are disappearing and my clothes are fitting better so i'm happy. 🙂 Here's my January workout split:

January was the month of learning how to balance working out, with eating well, without driving myself insane. Here's my January workout split. Goal: workout five times a week using this schedule. Read more about my wellness journey on Beautybyjessika.com. 

Food: A balanced diet has always been a challenge for me. I'm currently counting macros (macronutrients) because it's the one "diet" that works for me and my schedule. My current calorie intake created with the help of my trainer and based off of my height, weight, # of meals and snacks I eat a day, # of times I workout and overall goal (i.e. lose weight, gain muscle, etc.) is 2,210 calories. I'm hoping to get a more formal post about my macros up so stay tuned! 


I've never believed in depriving yourself from your cravings. But I do believe in the saying, "Everything in moderation". Allowing myself to have that pizza on a Friday night or that grilled cheese sandwich with tomato bisque soup is good for the soul. 

Other things that are good for the soul? Friendly competitions. My department just started a weight-loss challenge until March 16 so this should be fun! 

February Goals

  1. Get to the gym five times a week!
  2. Eat more nutritious carbs (i.e. fruits and veggies).
  3. Stretch to avoid injuries. 
  4. Practice more gratitude. Thank God, document one thing or memory you're thankful for every day.
  5. Try something new (workout class, beauty product, active wear clothing, etc.)

Have you been documenting your wellness journey? I'd love to hear how you're doing in the comments down below. ↓

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