Should I Get Lash Extensions?

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Reader question: "I want to try lash extensions; What do I need to know before I get it?"

I've gotten a few questions from my friends about lash extensions and today i'm going to answer all that I can (from the customer perspective) in this blog post. I've gotten lash extensions five times now and there are a few key things you should know before you hand over your money and your lashes. 

The Basics

Lash extensions is a technique in which false lashes are semi-permanently glued to your real lashes. An important thing you need to know is that unlike strip lashes, lash extensions are not glued to your lash line. In fact, the false lashes used in lash extensions are glued to your natural lashes that are at the end of its life cycle (meaning the natural lash that gets a false lash is pretty much ready to fall out). Lash extensions will last between 2-3 weeks if well taken care of. 

There are a few terms that you need to know before getting lash extensions:

  • “SET”: This refers to the lash extensions as a whole. Before getting your first set of lashes, you will need to choose a type of set. Two popular sets probably seen on all lash artist's menu is the Classic Set and the Volume Set.

  • “CLASSIC SET”: This is a more natural looking set and great for first-time lash extension wearers. It is when when false lash is glued to one real lash.

  • “VOLUME SET”: This is when a fan of 3-5 lashes are glued to one real lash. It is more of a dramatic look and will last longer in between fills.

  • “FILL”: A fill is when your lash artist refills your set either because you have spaces or your natural lashes are at the end of it's cycle and about to fall out (as seen below). A fill is needed every 2-3 weeks and the cost depends on the artist.

This is what your lashes will look like when it is ready for a lash fill. If you're on the fence about getting lash extensions you'll want to ready this post on Photo via @letslash.

Photo via @letslash

Lengths & Styles

There are many different lengths and styles of lash extensions. Not all lash artists will carry the same length of lashes or can do all of the styles so that is something to talk to your potential lash artist about at a consultation. The length and style of your lash extensions will determine how your eyes will look. I personally like the Open Eye style with a 15mm lash being the longest lash length place toward the center of my lashes. This creates the illusion that I have large eyes which is why I love this style so much. 

If you are a strip lash wearer, I suggest bringing your favorite pair of lashes in to your first appointment to show your lash artist the type of style you are going for. If you don't wear strip lashes, you can Google or Pinterest, "Lash Extension Styles" and you'll see different styles like: Cat Eye, Kitten, Doll Eye, and Feathered pop up. 

How Much Does it Cost? 

The question I get asked the most regarding lash extensions is how much does it cost? And I always reply it depends. It depends on who you go to (as each lash artist charges differently), what type of set, style, and length you choose. If I had to give you an estimate, you can expect to spend upwards of $120 for your initial set and between $60-80 for upkeep. When I got my first Classic Set of lashes at a higher-end salon, I paid $120 for the initial set and $100 for the fill. The lowest i've ever paid for a fill was $68 and that was at an entirely different lash salon with an apprentice lash artist. 

Things to Consider 

Something you should consider before getting lash extensions is are you willing to commit to a high maintenance life? You can't get the lashes wet 24 hours after application, you need to brush it with a spoolie to keep it from getting tangled. If you're a side or tummy sleeper you'll need to consider a different sleeping arrangement (I gave up on back sleeping after my second set of lashes because I loved sleeping on my side too much). If you're a contact wearer you can expect your eyes to feel a little bit dryer (this is from experience). If you're a glasses wearer — depending on the length — your lash extensions will most likely hit the lenses. Really consider all of these things (and more) to decide if lash extensions are worth it. 

Are you on the fence about getting lash extensions. Hopefully this post will help answer some of your burning questions. More on Photo via @borboletabeauty.

Photo via @borboletabeauty

Is it Worth it? 

If you're on the fence about getting lash extensions, I suggest you ask yourself why you want it. I first got lash extensions because I was curious but then it became too expensive to keep up. I got my second set of lashes because I liked looking pretty as soon as I woke up and that made my second set of lashes worth the money and totes addicting. I truly believe your why will help you decide if it's worth it or not. 

What other questions do you have about lash extensions? Share your questions, experiences, and tips in the comments below.  

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