Hi I’m Jessika, founder and editor of Beauty by Jessika. In 2013 I launched my first blog to help me land the job of my dreams. Five years later and this space has turned into one where I can share my passion for all things beauty as well as my personal musings. I’m now in my late 20s with a pretty cool job and doing life in Hawaii with my fiancé. Thanks for stopping by! 


Originally from the small island of Kauai, I graduated from Chaminade University of Honolulu with a B.A. in Mass Media with dreams of moving to the mainland and becoming a beauty editor for a magazine or online platform.

Moving my life across the Pacific scared me so I planned on staying in Hawaii to apply for jobs and build my résumé. It took six months for me to land a job (which was watching 6 year olds in an after school care program) and a paid internship in communications at my high school alma mater. Every day for a year and a half I worked a five hour shift at my internship, then a four hour shift with the kids and then I would come home to work on my blog. The hustle was hard but very rewarding.

In 2015 I got offered my first “big girl” job coordinating events and traveling around the state educating the community about the company’s health & wellness programs. After three years of working my regular 9 to 5 plus nights and weekends, event life got the best of me and left me feeling exhausted but also wanting more. After much thought I took a leap of faith and left my event planning job to become a social media manager.

I currently live with my fiancé in the heart of Honolulu. I love traveling (especially to Disneyland), playing with makeup and decorating my planner.