Weekend Reading / 5

Happy Friday, friends! Tbh, i've drafted many of these for the last few Fridays but haven't found the time or energy finalize and post after long hours at the office. This week i'm sharing with you my favorite posts from this week and last week (there were so many good reads last week that I couldn't pass up on sharing it!) 

I hope you all have a nice weekend! What do you have planned? I have a fun weekend planned and will be savoring every moment of it. Feel free to leave your blog links in the comments down below; i'd love to read what you're blogging about in my down time. Thanks for stopping by! - Jessika

Happy Friday, friends! Here's a roundup of my favorite reads from the first two weeks of October. Β Read more at beautybyjessika.com. Photo via Rosie and Celeste.

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Into the Gloss created this awesome guide about why you might be breaking out.

I've been struggling with adult acne and finding the right routine is stressful! Here are the steps that have been working for me.

Nicolette Mason's travel essentials shop on Bloglovin' is everything! 

Recently I've been feeling like I need to have my whole life figured out and it's making me feel lonely and blah. πŸ˜” This post by Thirteen Thoughts offers some good tips on feeling un-stuck.

The most important things to remember while blogging is to be yourself! Rebecca of From Roses wrote up a nice post about staying true to you in the blogging industry. 

Marianna Hewitt's birthday vacation to Cabo San Lucas looks dreamy!

I love reading about seasonal guides from bloggers in different states. Shanley from Out to Eat posted a guide for Kansas City. I hope to visit in the future!

Tried this fall recipe for dinner this week and although mine didn't look like the photos, it tasted amaaazing! 

This pumpkin cheesecake dip looks like a fun snack to make to pack with you for work. Nomz! πŸ˜‹