Weekend Reading / 12

Happy Saturday, friends! This week was a busy one! On Monday we celebrated my Nana’s 84th birthday. I just love her so much and i’m so blessed that I get to spend so much time with her. I also attended a networking pau hana about work/life balance. It was inspiring to hear from hard working leaders about the importance of having balance in your life. 

Speaking of balance, I finally got the knots in my shoulder and lower back out. My masseuse tried cupping on me for the first time and I feel so much better now. I also took my first group pilates class and I was a little nervous at first, but I had a great teacher and i’m looking forward to my next class. Later today I’ll be touching up my hair, finally getting my brows waxed (!!), and Angel and I will be going on our first double date. I hope you all had an amazing week! What are your weekend plans? Below is a short list of links I saved throughout the week: 

Weekend reading / 12 on beautybyjessika.com. 

What are your thoughts on bloggers using Instagram bots? I never knew of such a thing until Grace posted about it. Now that I know about it, I just can’t believe that bloggers that I love and follow would make me feel like they actually view my posts. 

Will be applying tip no. 1 to my tiny apartment. 

Yes to these ribbon bow heels featured on Jess’ blog

So excited for Peach & Lily (Korean skincare) to launch at Target

Did you watch President Obama’s Farewell Speech on Tuesday? It was amazing! I even read the transcript of his speech (yes, i’m crazy, but it was just that good)! 

Angel and I booked our flights to LA in March and i’m trying to persuade him into going to The Now Spa. Bri did a nice a write up about it here. Do you have any recommendations on hotel or things for us to do? 

These floral wallpapers by Kelsey Campion are beautiful! 

Manuhealii launched its Monsterra line in new styles and you know I bought a new top … and a headband … and earrings. 

Oily skin? No problem! Learn how to wear cream foundation when you have oily skin

I went a little crazy over the Christmas and New Year holidays buying stuff so I shared it in this beaut haul.