Weekend Reading / 10

Happy Sunday, friends! I just wrote out my calendar for the month of December and I can't believe how busy yet relaxing it is. I have something to do every Sunday - which is fun! - but I also have time to relax - which is even better! In last week's Weekend Reading I mentioned that I was getting lash extensions and they are beautiful. 😍  I've come up on a few cons but it's only been day four so I think i'm still trying to get used to it. Anyway, here are some good reads from the week. I hope you enjoy! - Jessika 

Happy Sunday, friends! Here are some good reads from the week! More on beautybyjessika.com!

ICYMI: This week I shared with you my November beauty, fashion, and blogger faves and the girls from Pikake Pursuit shared with you their gift ideas for the local treasure hunter in this week's holiday gift guide

A unicorn tears lipstick?! WUTTHEWUT?! 

Not sure how true this is (I SEE YOU MELONS!) but here are 14 of the best and worst foods to eat while on your period

Slay the holidays with this Beyonce Holiday Collection!

OHMYGOD these salted white chocolate macadamia cookies look amazing! 

Mallory Ervin is my new YouTube girl crush and I love her gift guide for her. Her accent is just the cutest!

Love the fuzzy stockings in this week's Weekend at Home

All of the tech gifts on Allure's tech gift guide are top notch!