Save Versus Spend: Beauty Edition

Julie Solomon, recently blogged about beauty services she saves and splurges on. I thought it would be a cool post for me to do too being that we have slightly different views. Thank you Julie for the awesome post idea! Go follow her: blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

I spend a significant amount of money on beauty products and services, but which products and services are worth saving on versus spending on? Peep my latest post on, "Save Versus Spend: Beauty Edition" inspired by @juliesolomon. 

Spend: Hair cuts

I only get my hair cut one or two times a year so i'm okay with spending a reasonable amount of money on my dream hair cut (i'm currently obsessing over Demi Lovato's chin length bob!) I recently got my hair cut by Maxine at HMB HNL and I can't wait to go back. 

One thing I look for in a hair stylist is the ability to make a recommendation. I may think I know what I want for my hair, but if the stylist thinks it would look more flattering another way then i'm all ears. That's the type of hair stylist i'm willing to pay money for. 

Save: Hair color

I haven't quite convinced myself that hair color is a necessity. This time last year I chopped all of my hair color off and have been rocking my deep brown locks since then. Sure, balayage and all of those color melting techniques look so cool and it is something i'd like to do one day, but not right now. I just can't imagine paying $100+ every few weeks to maintain hair color. 

Spend: Brows

I have the loads of horror stories about getting my brows done at super cheap places like nail salons 😭 If you go to a cheap place to get your brows done, you'll come out looking cheap - or bald. I go to Olga at the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow bar at Nordstrom and she has done wonderful things for my brows.

When I first went to Olga in October of last year, I was having major brow probs. First of all, I was making a huge mistake of maintaining my own brows in between getting it waxed every six months at a different salon. The hairs were growing in crazy directions and my shape didn't have a shape. So I went to Olga pretty desperate and hoping that splurging on this service would be worth it. I appreciate artists, like Olga, that take time to learn about you, your skin, your brows and create and/or use services that are catered toward you.

Like I mentioned before, when you go cheap, you get cheap. Since i'm a beauty junkie and my brows are part of what I do, I want them to look their best so i'm willing to spend a little more on keeping them groomed. 

Save: Nails

Manicures and pedicures are nice, but not worth spending tons of money on. I treat myself to a pedicure once a month or as needed and a manicure when i'm feeling super stressed and need extra pampering. Not a real necessity in my life. 

Spend: Skincare

As I get older, I'm starting to realize that drugstore skincare products don't do anything for my skin except dry it out. I don't mind spending between $20-$60 on a quality skincare product especially if I know it works and it's going to last me a while. I love wearing makeup, but I love taking it off and treating my skin even more.

Spend & Save: Makeup

I love makeup a lot so I don't mind spending some money on it (I also don't mind saving on it either). Even though I prefer to wear high end makeup, I can appreciate a bomb drugstore product. It's totally possible to spend and save on makeup.

Share with us: where in your beauty routine do you save and spend?