My Thoughts on Lash Extensions and Why I'm Not Going in For a Refill

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to share with you my thoughts on lash extensions and why i’m not refilling it. A few posts back I wrote about the pros and cons of lash extensions and overall I was - and still am - for it.

One of the main reasons as to why i’m not refilling is because it’s expensive! Prices may vary depending on where you go and this is how much it costs at my salon: 

  • Classic set (one lash extension per real lash) = $150
  • Volume set (two to three lash extensions per real lash) = $200
  • To refill a classic set (every 3-4 weeks) = $75+
  • To refill a volume set (every 3-4 weeks) = $100+ 

When I first got my lash extensions I went in on a promo and paid $100 for my classic set of lashes (the promo made it $50 off). Totally worth it considering I was trying it out for the first time. When I went in for the refill  I decided to try something different so I asked the esthetician to do a mix of classic and volume lashes. Since this was a customized set it cost me $125 to refill. Ouch

After that refill every lash that fell out made me think about all of the money I was wasting. I basically resented my second set of lashes because of how much I paid (even though it was beautiful). That feeling of resentment didn’t sit well with me and that’s pretty much when I decided that I could only budget for 1-2 beauty upkeeps. 

Another reason why I’m not refilling my lash extensions is because I was getting bored. If you know me IRL you know that I love strip lashes. While it was convenient to get up in the morning and already have lashes, I missed being able to change up the style every once in a while. 

Last but not least, I didn’t like feeling like I couldn’t wash or rub my eyes. In my pros and cons post, I said that it wasn’t a deal breaker but after the refill my eyes felt super dry (especially since I where contacts) and it would have been nice to relieve it without hurting the lashes. 

My thoughts on lash extensions and why I'm not going in for a refill on 

Ultimately, lash extensions just ended up not being for me because it was too expensive and I missed changing up the style. Would I pay for it again? Maybe … if I gave up on up keeping my hair or brows. Would I get it done at a cheaper place? Probably not, only because i’ve heard horror stories of friends of friends going to cheaper salons and coming out with swollen eyes. That’s not to say that that couldn’t happen at a more high-end salon; I just didn’t want to take my chances. If I were to recommend lash extensions to someone, I would recommend it to someone that wears little to no makeup only because once you start wearing makeup with lash extensions you need to make sure you wash your eyes really good to prevent infections. 

If you are on the fence about lash extensions, I hope this post was able to help you make a decision. If you have any more questions about my personal experience with lash extensions, i’d love to talk more with you in the comments down below. Thanks for reading! - Jessika

Tell us - what are your thoughts on lash extensions? Would you get a set? Why or why not?