7 Beauty Trends We'll Be Seeing in 2017

2016’s beauty trends included pastel hair colors, mermaids, and lots of glitter. After doing some research, 2017 is looking v low maintenance (for the most part). Out of the tons of trends already out there, i’m calling it! These are the 7 beauty trends we'll be seeing in 2017. 

1. #NoMakeup Movement

Goodbye no makeup, makeup and hello beautiful, bare faces! I'm so excited for this beauty trend and it couldn't be at a more perfect time. Thank you Alicia Keys for inspiring us! More on beautybyjessika.com. 

Photo via @AliciaKeys

No makeup, makeup is a thing of the past. Instead, we’ll be living life sans makeup on a more regular basis thanks to inspirational celebrities like Alicia Keys. She shocked the world when she performed sans makeup at the MTV Video Music Awards last year. The Voice coach and 15-time Grammy winner took to Twitter to explain that her commitment to not wearing makeup doesn’t mean she’s anti-makeup. I encourage you to read Alicia’s empowering Lenny Letter about the start to her #NoMakeup commitment. 

2. Ash Balayage

Photo via @hairbychanelvi

Balayage hair has been having a moment for quite a few years and it looks like it's not going away anytime soon. The proclaimed low maintenance style will still be on trend in 2017. The color trend? ASH BLONDE. I’ll be needing all of the Pravana The Perfect Blonde shampoo to keep up. Check out my brunette to blonde chronicles here (1 / 2). 

3. Lip Gloss

TYJ for bringing glossy lips back! More on lip gloss and other 2017 beauty trends on beautybyjessika.com. 

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Dear matte liquid lipstick, 

You had a good life and no hard feelings when I say this but … TYJ for bringing back lip gloss! 

4. Glossy Lids 

Glossy lids seem to be the #1 beauty trend of 2017. Read more about it on beautybyjessika.com. 

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While researching 2017 beauty trends, glossy lids popped up quite a lot. The smudgy, grease-like look is beyond adding Vaseline to your eyelids. Major beauty brands are creating products specifically for achieving this look (like Milk Makeup’s Eye Vinyl).

5. Chrome Nails

The chrome nail trend was more than a summer fling. See more on beautybyjessika.com. 

Photo via Pinterest

We first saw the chrome nail trend explode during Summer 2016. Gold, rose gold, and silver chrome nails decorated social media feeds everywhere. We’ll be seeing a lot more of this fun nail decor throughout the year and in different colors. 

6. Microblading

This new eyebrow trend makes your brows appear more textured than drawn on. Would you try it? More on beautybyjessika.com. 

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A friend of a friend told me she was going to get her brows Microbladed and I basically looked at her like this - 😳. The brow-boosting process gives brows texture versus looking drawn on. The pros say that the process isn’t painful and that you are still able to use your fave brow products once it heals. Check out Beauty Junkie’s, Kirbie, microblading experience on YouTube

7. Head scarves

Out of all the beauty trends, I think i'm most excited for head scarves. It can elevate any outfit and there are so many different ways to go about doing it. See more on beautybyjessika.com. 

Photo via Pinterest

Yo, I love a good head scarf so when I saw that this would be a beauty trend in 2017 I started adding head scarves to my online carts immediately. Looking to support local? Check out my friend No’i’s shop and follow her biz on Instagram.

What beauty trends are you excited for in 2017?