What to Do When You Feel Homesick

I love it when my siblings come over to visit. Seeing my family always curbs that homesick feeling. Here's me and my sister during her trip in June 2017. More on What to Do When You Feel Homesick on beautybyjessika.com. 

I'll be turning 26 on Wednesday and while celebrating another year of life is supposed to be happy, I always miss the comfort of my family around this time of the year. 

I've been living away from home for 17 years now (!!); Ever since I got accepted into Kamehameha Schools as a boarding student back in 2005. Dealing with homesickness never gets easier — especially around the holidays or when i'm super stressed — but there are a few things I do when the feeling develops. 

Take a deep breath: A lot of my homesick feelings start with the stress and anxiety that is in my life at that moment. It's easy to miss home when things feel like it's falling apart. I suggest taking a few breaths or even practicing meditation to calm yourself down. 

Talk about it: I've always felt ashamed to talk about my homesickness, but i've also learned that keeping it bottled up doesn't help either. Talking about your [homesick] feelings helps you heal faster. I still have a hard time sharing this particular feeling with my friends or Angel (because i'm afraid they'll thing i'm a wuss) so more often than not i'll call my mom. 

Take a trip home: I am so blessed to be able to travel home for my job, but homesickness always hits when that opportunity isn't far and gone. There is a $200 plane ticket that is keeping me from going home on my own more often. I know for some of you the travel expense is even more than that! If you get the opportunity to go home, do it! Sometimes a trip home is exactly what you need to make things better. 

Keep familiar things around: When I go on work trips, I always bring Angel's hoodie with me and I spray it with my favorite cologne that he wears and sleep with it at night. The familiar smell has always eased my anxiety of being away from him slash our home and has been doing the trick for quite some time now.

Give it time: Dealing with homesickness is tough and you need to gIve yourself time to feel and overcome that feeling. Just remember to be brave and not wallow in the sadness. Be brave and share how you're feeling with other because I can guarantee you that there is someone else that is feeling just as homesick as you are.

Have you ever been homesick? I'd love to hear how you deal with homesickness in the comment section below.